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Originally Posted by IvanLasston View Post
What are you using to edit the file on either the Mac or the PC? When it comes to text DOS type programs put a cr/lf at the end of line - whereas *NIX does something different.
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Vim is available across platforms and handles various text files well.

There is also a command called dos2unix that helps fix these kinds of issues. You can get it from macports or fink - I don't think it comes by default on the Mac because my install is in /opt/local/bin - which usually means a macport install.
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I'm using Notepad++ on PC and Xcode / TextEdit / TextWrangler on Mac; all three of which produce the same bug.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll work on it and post my results afterwards.

One thing to note is this also happens over multiple lines. I deleted a large chunk of HTML from another file. It deleted the same chunk on Mac, but it also replicated the same number of lines from the bottom of the code and then added those lines to the bottom of the code.
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