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Hey CoolCheech, I feel your pain. I'm in an exact type of pickle now!! Well, it's a little different but stems from the IMAP Mail setting (I in fact need all my 20k emails downloaded on my HD, BUT I do not want to go through them all and sort them again into folders, which were arranged as I want them in my old MBP with Mail 4.2, but as I switched to a Lion MBA with Mail 5.1, the IMAP setting is the only setting no POP.

So far I haven't found a way around this issue. If the email is on the server then the IMAP setting will download it to your computer. You can disable keeping copies of emails and attachments (Mail->preferences->Accounts->Advanced->in the first drop down box select "Don't keep copies of any messages". However, this will disable viewing the emails offline.

Apart from deleting the emails off your server, there's no way around this.
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