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I've been trying to figure out if there's any way to have separate calendars on iCal, but so far my research has been fruitless. Basically I'm wanting to help my wife streamline her scheduling methods, she's self employed at a hair salon and has run into quite a few scheduling snafu's because her and the other stylists all use old school schedule books. Sometimes my wife will have a client text message her in the evening for an appointment but she's already home and her schedule book is at the salon. She'll go ahead and leave a reminder for herself to schedule this client in a time slot but then she'll arrive at work the next morning to find out that one of the other stylists scheduled in a different appointment for her in that very spot while she was out of the salon. It makes things complicated and hurts my wife's professional image sometimes.

My thoughts were that if the salon could invest in a refurbished Mac of some sort (or even an iPad) it would be great if my wife could add an appointment to her schedule from home via iPhone and that added appointment would appear on the device in the salon so that nobody would double-book her.

Is it possible for iCal to open multiple different calendars? For example: One for my wife, and one for each of the other stylists in the salon? So they have all their own separate calendars to work with but they can all be viewed at the salon or manipulated away from the salon? So far all I've been able to uncover are ways to integrate multiple schedules into one calendar, which is not what I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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