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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
We have all been there and done that kbuicker. Hated parting with my G5 Dual Core, but this is what is called progress. Having been forced to an Intel machine, you will have no regrets as the speed difference is really amazing.
Well , I've been lucky so far, this is my 4th mac, and I've never bought one... they're all hand-me-downs from an old workplace (and my initial one from college)... I have the top end Mac at my current workplace and love it.
I also know I can't run Adobe CS5 on this older machine.. which means I can't bring projects home from work (Indesign at least). Funny how that works.


Razormac, is that true? In that case, I have my eyes on an Intel iMac locally.. maybe that's the only thing I can do. If this IS true, then I need to quit spinning my wheels looking for a 10.6 disk.
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