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Hi Bill,

Just last night I bought a new Airport Express and was able to set it up to print to a USB printer with Verizon Fiios. I'm at work and have the notes written down at home regarding what I exactly did but I'll give it a shot here:

The only real challenge was changing the Fiios router to "WPA" security versus the default WEP. According to some reaidng I did, the Airport doesn't want to play nicely with the WEP encryper router....maybe more can elaborate on this?

Anyway, I did that on the Fiios router (by logging into the router at and going to the Advanced Wireless Security Settings (or something similar). I could then select WPA encryption and a new key.

I was then able to get the Airport to connect to my existing wireless network and not only share the printer but also play music through my stereo wirelessley. It was a pretty quick process once I figured out the security thing!

Give this a shot and let me know if you require more details when I get home.

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