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Originally Posted by Randy B. Singer View Post
They have been advertising this piece of garbage like crazy.
I recommend that you stay completely away from MacKeeper!

There is just about nothing that MacKeeper does that you can't do with
other, free utilities. See:
OS X Maintenance And Troubleshooting

Some of what MacKeeper does can be done *better* by other utilities.

And some of the things that MacKeeper does are unnecessary and are
unnecessarily risky.

There have been reports from MacKeeper users that it is extremely hard
to uninstall. As bad, or worse, than a virus. Some users have
resorted to paying a consultant a significant sum just to get
MacKeeper fully uninstalled.

MacKeeper's developers advertise via spam and some other borderline
illegal methods (like putting up fake Web sites that purport to be for
other legitimate programs.) For instance this Web site is not really a
ClamXav site, it is a spoof site for MacKeeper:
ClamXav Review
I can't imagine supporting a company that operates in such an
unethical, dishonest, and illegal manner.

If there is something that you want/need to do, let me know, and I can recommend a legitimate utility to do it with, possibly even a free one.
Oh my gosh!!! i will uninstall this; what software do you recommend to uninstall mackeeper? i bought the license of mackeeper because i thought that my mac was "full of all documents"; everything started when my mac got very slow after making the upgrade to lion -> my mac is very slow
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