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Hi, I'm new to using macs, I'm only using an old 2003/4 G5. I'm trying to install a program called logic pro 9, it starts to install but then says it is recommended to 64mg graphics card in stead of a 32mb card that I have. It says that it is recommended implying that I don't have to use a 64mb but theres only a option to 'close' which just quits the whole install. Is there any way to some how bypass this recommendation pop up telling to swap the 32mb for the 64mb?

I have no problem ripping the card out, or buying a 64mb card(if I can find such an old thing somewhere) its just that I want to install the program now!

plus are the slots in a mac PCI slots? the card in side is a radeon 7000 mac32m, it looks very much like an old PCI video card, but the slots inside the mac are longer than the usual pci/PCIe slots in a PC. The PCI card fits and works in these 'longer slots'(sorry I don't know what they are called, like I said I'm new...) considering this looks like just a PCI card, will any PCI graphics card work, or do I indeed need specific 'mac card'?

many thanks,
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