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My main response to your resolution is:

You are telling us to export everything to OLM. But there is nothing to export? If my entire Identity is completely wiped out, then wouldn't I just be exporting a blank file basically?

I don't see how exporting what I couldn't have, then going through the other steps, is going to show me the result I want.

It seems that when I was rebuilding a few days ago.. it kept rebuilding the same identity but it never completed it, because every Identity is the same "sub folders and folders are there" but no mail, no organization, nothing.

Let me know, if the export thing is really just a step to help get your mail back.

Also, I know the mail is all on my computer because I search on my Apple Search Bar and anything I type finds a data file of that message. If I try to click it - it will try to open in Outlook but it says the message file is not associated with my default identity? It is the same identity as before just not loaded with my mail. I possible may have erased the entire original identity but kept a few rebuilds. IS THERE ANY WAY TO OPEN UP THOSE MESSAGE FILES?\

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