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If anyone can help assist me I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the situation and where I am at:
This morning I was working normal email routine for my home business. I was writing an email and my entire computer just shut off. When I finally restarted the computer it said that Microsoft Outlook 2011 had a huge error and that the database needed to be rebuilt. It automatically popped up the Microsoft Database Utility. I obviously selected 1 of the 2 identities to rebuild. I went through the long rebuild process and it said it failed and could not be rebuilt.

I then went on another Microsoft website that told me to make sure no programs were running, to make sure there was at least 3 times the amount of space that your identity takes up, and then do the rebuild. So I looked and free'd some space thinking this was the problem. Well after I freed space, tried to rebuild the same old identity, it said it finally worked but when I reopened Outlook everything was gone, and I had no accounts listed either (i had 4 different email accounts).

I must have tried "rebuilding the data base" 10 times now, and I think it is started to just take up a ton of the free space I made.

So now, if I open Outlook I can see all my folders, sub folders on the left but absolutely NO email in anything, no junk email, but for some reason there is "deleted emails" from like 2010. THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! If I search on my Mac for emails, I can find data files obviously, so I know everything is on this computer but it will not load or rebuild correctly.

IF SOMEONE CAN PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT I WILL DEFINITELY COMPENSATE. I run 3 businesses through outlook, I cannot afford to lose all that information.
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