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heheh - my (crappy) iMac seems to choke on NeoOffice/J - takes about a minute to start up, and when i tried to paste a large (think along the 1MB line) chunk of text into it, it turned into a pieca crap. At least Word X actually let me scroll still......
At least NeoOffice/J is faster than Office 2004. 2004 has issues with *blank* documents

(also allow me to say that OOo Math kicks the shicksers out of Equation Editor and even MathType (MathMagic is still teh sheet though) - though i strongly object to the use of comic sans on the buttons. Aerrgh! Problably redone in the 2.0beta branch?)

(i'm referring to my crappy G3 400MHz iMac. You have a 2.0GHz G4. The difference shouldn't be noticeable for you )
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