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I bought my 71 yr old mom a mac thinking that it would be easier for her to learn to use, however, I can't even get the thing to stay connected to the internet.

I am using a linksys e1000 router hooked to a Charter motorola modem
I have a pc and a printer wired to the router
I have the iMac wireless hooked to the router
when the imac goes to sleep and wakes up, it "forgets" the ssid of the non-broadcasted private side of the router, and attempts to the guest side of the router for which the ssid is broadcasted. We go back in and re-enter the hidden ssid and info and re-connect, but every time the iMac falls asleep, it reconnects to the guest side of the router. I have even tried clicking the button that is supposed to prevent the computer from changing wireless internet connections. I am 6 hours from my parents and trying to do this over the phone, can someone help please?
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