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Hello everyone, for a while now I have been considering picking up a used ipad (most likely trading a spare PC for it) but am starting to wonder what main advantages there are to having one. I already have the 4S which is basically the ipad but smaller so i don't know what I would really gain. I hear it's good for surfing the web but I have my macbook for that, and as far as watching movies go I either watch them on my macbook or on my G4 desktop. And all the books that I read are hard copies. I am also almost always with my laptop or phone so i just don't know what i would miss out on. The main thing that I would consider getting one for is photography since i believe there are adapters that let you connect an SD car to the ipad but would that really be worth it? Is there anything I can benefit from getting one as a highschool student, and photographer? I want to get one but I really don't think i need one. Thanks for your advice.
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