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It's almost 9 months after your original post and I am very sorry to see that you have not had any responses to your problem. I bought my fist Mac (MacBook Air) for Christmas and am having almost the same problem.

I can help with one issue in your described configuration but then run into the next wall.

You are trying to use LPD printer connections when I believe that is intended for printers that are directly connected to the network and have their own IP address. I have two Canon printers connected to Windows 7 machines and got one printer (the iP4700 photo printer) working the first try. My Canon MF4350D printer did not work out as well and seems to be related to known problems with the Canon UFR II printer drivers.

The step you missed was that you need to select "Windows" as the location of your printer and not LPD/LPR. I am running Mac OSX 10.7.2 and the descriptions of the items I see in System Preferences / Print & Scan / ... may be different.

I clicked "+" to add a new printer,
Selected "Windows" as the source,
Selected the name of my computer from the list,
Selected the name of the shared printer,
and opened the "Print Using" drop down to select the printer driver.

I did the same steps for botht eh Canon iP4700 and the MF4350D and the iP4700 worked perfectly. On the MF4350D I get an "Error - 50" when I try to print. No descriptions and no clues as to what is wrong.

An internet search shows that this problem seems to be happening a lot with the Canon UFR II printer drivers, even if the printer is attached to the Mac. The iP4700 printer has it's own separate driver and doesn't have this problem.

I am still looking for a solution.
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