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First time poster, so I hope this is the right place.

Here is my setup:

I have a MBP,
My wife has a MBP
We each have an Iphone
We have one Ipad

We have two Apple Id's. The majority of purchases have been on my ID, but a couple of significant purchases have been made on her account. I know that I cannot combine Id's, but am I able to just use my ID for all of the machines? My wife does not care if I do this, and I think it would make everything just easier to deal with. So here are my main questions?

1. If I can do this, do I simply just log in each machine with my ID?
2. If I am able to simply log in each one, is there a way I can keep the purchases she made on her ID and keep them on all the machines?
3. If I do this, will all the stuff we have purchased go to my "cloud" and will be able to download on all machines?

Thank you in advance for all your help!
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