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i realized just today that 2 of my applications, photo booth and garage band are no longer in my applications folder, not even in trash. the thing is that i don't remember deleting either of them, and i'm the only user of my laptop.

i'm not sure but it seems like my mac just goes on deleting apps on its own. i remember once before it deleted my system preferences and i had to use pacifist to restore it. now i need to do that again for photo booth as i could care less about garage band.

there may have been other apps that got deleted other than these 2 since i rarely use most of these apps, though i can't really tell since i didn't memorize all of them.

has anyone else had this issue? can someone help me to prevent this? i don't wanna wake up one morning with finder as my only app left.

i'm running on snow leopard with my macbook pro.
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