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So earlier today I decided I was going to take a crack at putting xbox live onto my xbox after a couple days of having it. I thought it would be a very easy process. It wasn't.

My Xbox is located in the basement, where there is a router that never gets used down there. I decided to hook up the router to the internet and to the xbox (The router is a TP-LINK, just if anyone needs to know). The WAN and Port 1 lights are lit whenever I plug the router into the wall (for internet) and the xbox (to so the internet connects to the xbox) so everything appeared to be working fine. But it didn't. The Xbox told me it couldn't connect to the internet, and the error was that there was no IP adress assigned.

I then went onto my mac to see if I could solve the problem using Network settings. I couldn't. I tried giving myself a manual IP, but it didn't work. I then used the "assist" me tab on the Network settings, and went through all the steps. I restarted everything, but to no avail.

So that leaves me here. What does self assigned IP mean? Can I fix it?

When I go to Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP, I get this:
Configure IPv4: Using DHCP
IPv4 Adress: Number is here
Subnet Mask: Number is here
Router: Nothing here (I'm thinking this is the problem)

Any help is appreciated.
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