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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
I see. I'm looking for a pair of speakers similar to your iMac G4 spherical speakers for my Mac Cube. But like I mentioned above...Apple likes to "play around" with things...and so the original spherical speakers for the Mac Cube (which look just like the iMac G4 speakers)...have a USB connector rather than the "special" connector on the iMac G4 speakers.

So speakers from an iMac G4 won't physically work with a Mac Cube due to the connector/plug.

Good luck with e-Eay. If priced right...those speakers should see pretty easily.

- Nick
If you don't mind having different speakers, I have found that A cheapy USB sound card works PERFECTLY for the cube because it gives the cube a 3.5mm and a line in.
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