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I'm trying to re-use the speakers too, but I have an electronics background and not scared to pull things apart. I've read a fair bit of rubbish on forums about how these are digital speakers, or have an amplifier in them. But YES there is a logic chip in the Y junction! I did one thing wrong in wrecking the Y junction in that I no-longer know which are the R and L connections.
The computer-end plug has 6 connections. Starting with the tip and moving in the direction of the wire and finally outwards to the outer ring, the connections are:
1 White wire: Speaker 1 +
2 Blue wire: Speaker 1 -
3 Brown wire: Speaker 2 -
4 Yellow wire: Speaker 2 +
5 Red wire: Logic chip signal
6 Black wire and all shields: Logic chip ground

All the speaker wires pass straight through the Y junction with the same colour, and you can see the colours where they connect to the speakers looking through the back of the speaker spheres.

The logic chip is a Dallas DS2430A 256-Bit 1-Wire EEPROM.
This chip is not connected to the speakers at all and has no effect on them. What is does is gives the computer the ability to detect that it is a genuine speaker plugged in and what kind of speaker it it (if there are different kinds).

To re-use these speakers, cut off the peculiar plug and wire on your own favourite kind(s). Do not connect the shields or the very fine red and black wires. There is no need to cut away the Y junction.
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