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I am very confused regarding backup process for macs.

I have a Macbook pro with new upgrade to Lion. I bought a Mybook that came with WD Smartware software, and have "backed up " my macbook using both this and the time machine

I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but I can't tell if things are really backed up or not. the wd smart ware is confusing and i can't really tell if a full backup has occurred. my time machine says it is using the Mybook for backup, but i want to simply backup all files once and then regularly backup any additional changes or updates

I am thinking of starting over, getting a new external hard drive unless there is an easy solution here.

1) can i delete wd smart ware and just use time machine? (every time i connect the Mybook it prompts for the wd smart ware and time machine doesn't recognize the Mybook unless wd smart ware runs)

2) If I wanted to start from scratch, buy a new external hard drive and just begin fresh I would greatly appreciate advice on which hard drive and backup software to use. (I saw carbon copy cleaner recommended as best app, does it work with or separate from time machine? also saw that sophos antivirus wiped out time machine backups)

I'm sufficiently confused and welcome the suggestions from the forum!

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