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Yes jsherk, a compiled script wether that is an app, or script, will be slightly slower than when in the script editor, because all compiled apps, have to do a certain amount of setup for themselves to be able to run.

Also when your script clicks on a GUI component of an other app, it basicically hands control over to that app, then returns control back to the script app, and then on to the next, so it wont be quick in any programming language, also Applescript is a interpreted garbage collected language, which also means its a slow language.

You could shut down or quit the other open apps, and this would be a lot quicker to perform, but thats not the same as minimizing them, and also any unsaved data in any of the running apps would result in save dialog boxes.

The only other advise I can give you, is to look at UNIX shell commands to perform the desired actions, but I dont have a lot of experience with UNIX commands, and so dont know if there are any utils for minimizing desktop apps.

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