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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Note: fixed your first 2 images - the 3rd one is indicating 'url not found'.

In order for you to use the [IMG] tags here - you must use the 'Direct Link' shortcut (the 2nd one) they have.
I have seen this before. A wonderful customer of mine was experiencing something like this, it took quite some time to figure out.

You can try exporting all your 'missing' emails to an OLM. Basically, they are not missing. They are still there, but corrupt and invisible.
With the corrupt identity open,
1. Go to File
2. Select Export
3. Export everything to an OLM file
4. Wait.
5. Wait some more, corrupt items can take some time...
6. Once the OLM file is complete, quit Outlook 2011
7. Create a new identity by...
8. Hold down the option key and launch Outlook 2011
9. The Microsoft Database Utility should open. If it doesn't, close outlook and try again
10. Create a new identity with the '+' button
11. Set it as default with the 'Cog/Gear' next to the '-' button
12. Launch Outlook 2011
13. Go to File
14. Select Import
15. Import the OLM
16. Grab some Eggnog
17. Drink Eggnog
18. The folder/emails should appear under the 'On My Computer' Section in an 'Archived Email' Folder
19. If you don't see the 'On My Computer' section, you may have it hidden in the General options (File - Preferences - General - Hide On My Computer)

Happy Holidays. Let me know how this goes.

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