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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the short vague description. My goal is to restore the data from one computer to a new computer and just view the Outlook items. Here is what I have….

BOX1: MacBook. Outlook 2011 installed. Data backed up to external source.

I have:
~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/ Office 2011 Identities/

With a profile folder called “Main Identity” with ~4.5 GB of data, almost all in the Message Attachments sub folder:

~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity

And all the data records in the /Data Records directory with the usual folders

On a new machine, BOX2, I installed Office/Outlook for Mac 2011

Opened up the Word to make sure that worked and noticed that the paths listed above were now created on BOX2. I noticed that until I opened up a Office application the Office 2011 Identities folder did not exist.

I renamed a the newly created Main Identity folder on BOX2 and moved the folder to the desktop. I then copied the Main Identity folder from BOX 1 to BOX2’s “~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/ Office 2011 Identities/” folder.

From here I have tried a few things to work with the now restored identity from BOX1 to BOX2.

First, I just opened Outlook and it gives me the rebuild option by default:

I perform the rebuild; it backs up the Main Identity folder:

And Main Identity becomes the default.

I can now get into Outlook, I can see the folders in the tree but there are no message items at all - nothing in the inbox, sent, deleted, etc. or the user created/named folders.

I tried to copy the Data Records data from the backed up identity as well as the original backup to the new Main Identity, leaving the new Database file in the Main Identity folder and get a different rebuild option.

It does the rebuild and I get the same issue with empty folders, no items.

I tried doing all of this just thought the Microsoft Database Utility as opposed to opening Outlook as MSMacMan suggested with the same results.

Been going through various combinations over the past day of rebuilding and coping data with every result being no items/empty folders.

Again my goal is to restore the backed up data to a new machine just to view the data.
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