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Originally Posted by mrhyde View Post
Having an issue with messages not showing up after database rebuild. I have tried it with different instances of profiles bit after the rebuild I can see folders in Outlook but none of the messages are there. Not sure if this is a problem that is common or has been seen before.
Are you using Outlook 2011? Are you using Exchange? What type of protocol are you using to sync to your account? IMAP? POP? EWS? WebDav?

Create a new identity instead of rebuilding, that's what we do:

1. With Outlook 2011 CLOSED, hold the option key and launch Outlook 2011
2. The Microsoft Database Utility should open
3. Click the '+' button to add a new identity
4. Set that identity to default using the 'Cog' next to the '-' button
5. Launch Outlook 2011
6. Sync your account

If this doesn't work, make sure your mail is still there. Verify this using the Web App.

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