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Originally Posted by Beads5 View Post
I recently restored my "Microsoft User Data" folder and rebuilt my Outlook 2011 email (unsure how everything got deleted/messed up).

When doing so, all of the emails that were stored in the "On My Computer" folders are still located on my Mac, but are no longer grouped in the organized folders along the side of my outlook. Basically, I have no way of finding them besides going into each partitioned folder under the "microsoft user data" folder.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get those folders back, would GREATLY appreciate it. I rely on it for work on a daily basis.

I am sorry you are going through this, its no fun when data goes missing. This is why I always recommend to backup your information!!! If you don't have your emails exported to an OLM (Mac's parallel to PST), then you are pretty much out of luck...

Have no fear, I am here. You can access your old identities by...
Closing Outlook 2011
Hold down the 'Option' Key and launch Outlook 2011
You will then see the Microsoft Database Utility
In here, you should see a few backups of your Outlook identity
Set whichever one to 'Default' As you would like (By using the settings cog next to the minus button)
Launch Outlook 2011... You should see some old data. Check your On My Computer folders and see if the information is there.
If it is, you can create an OLM (File - Export) and import this OLM into your most recent identity.

But why did this happen to me?!?

Good question. Rebuild are caused by corrupt databases. Corruption can be caused by a 3rd party program or antivirus searching through our database. Please remove the Microsoft User Data folder from any Antivirus scans.

If you have anymore information, let me know. I will monitor this thread.

Also, you said it didn't hold its original folder structure. Did it take on a new folder structure? If so what are the names of the folders?


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