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There are a number of approaches. First, we always set up a student account on all our Macs (and widows boxes) which is locked down with parental controls so they cannot mess with applications or system settings. This alone limits the damage kids can do, whether by accident or maliciously.

Second, we have a server with netinstall images enabled. Anytime a computing station does get messed up, we can just use netboot to reinstall the disk image, and it's all clean - takes about 8 minutes for a single station, or we can use a dumb switch to do several stations simultaneously, which slows down the process, but is still faster per-station than doing it one at a time - not to mention the ability to leave things running while I go do something else, like replace the MLB in a failed iMac.

Third, if all I have to do is deal with a bunch of crud the students have downloaded onto their desktops or such, I fire off all the stations and use Apple Remote Desktop to replace the user folders with a single copy command. The command itself takes a while if I'm copying to a large number of stations at once, but it, too, can run in the background by itself while I do other things.
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