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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
1. You'll need to locate a machine that can still run AppleWorks and have the owner convert the files for you into something standard (WP into Word or RTF format, spreadsheet into Excel format, etc).

2. I&A means whatever you think it means. I made up the term and have a VERY definite idea of what it means in the context of that discussion, but all I'm gonna say is that you are on the right track.
(1) Iworks took care of the WP and SS. Bento did most of the DB files; one file just won't work for some reason. Bento refuses to recognize individual records in it, and takes entries sort of randomly and defines them as a new record. Dunno. Maybe I used the TAB key whilst entering data, and that is confusing it? (2) I just drew up my most important drawing file in Cadintosh, so I'm OK there for now. It would be nice to find a drawing program that would open a few others, though. That said, I can Cadintosh them, too, likely faster than search and destroy (my brain) trying to find software. Sometimes sucking up and doing the leg work all over again is better than struggling w/ software issues. (3) I&A... ha ha. Funny individual. At least no one here (as little as I have read) gets rude and obnoxious w/ potty words and insults. Everyone has their own opinions and frustrations w/ this computer chit. Thanks for the ideas, though. john, who is only I&A now and then....
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