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You're right that White Text on Blue Background was the only color scheme available under Preferences.

I'm 99% sure it's Word 2008 I'm talking about. (Can't check at the moment because I don't have that laptop here.) In earlier versions of Word, in order to work with a different colour background, you had to be in Web view. When you switched back to Print View, the background changed back to white.

But in 2008, under Format, there is actually an option for Background, where you can change it while in Print View, which is what I use all the time. There's even a button for it that you can put on your toolbar (through View>Toolbars>Customize Toolbars & Menus), which I have done.

Right now what I've done for the newer machine is I've copied a Word doc, thus formatted from the older Mac, into 2011. I've saved it as a template, and in various forms so I can use it for work. But having that option was a nifty little feature and I miss it. I'll check again the version I"m talking about but I'm pretty sure it's 2008. In all cases I'm talking about Word/Office for Mac.
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