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I work in Word all day long and really don't like staring at a bright light for hours on end. So for years I've changed the text background (ie the color of the "paper" not the screen color) to a buff color, or restful green. To do this in Word 2008, you just had to go under Format>Background.

But in Word 2011, Background is no longer there. And when you search Help it isn't anywhere--at least not as a separate feature. In my several searches all I've found is Themes. But Themes offers a collection of multiple presets--for Font, Text Color, Background, and many other things. I tried that, but it doesn't allow you to change the font back to something reasonable, without losing the background color as well. The only other option I"ve found is "Go into PowerPoint and create your own custom Theme there, then it will be available in Word." It seems ridiculous to have to learn another huge program I don't use for anything else to access a simple feature like this.

I must be missing some simple solution--can anyone tell me what it is?


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