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Originally Posted by Chuckoir View Post
I imagine there are a few people here who play guitar in some shape or form, so I thought it would be good if we had our own little corner of the Forum to discuss gear/share pics/Garage Band tips etc. etc.

Suppose I should start!

I've been playing for a couple of years, mainly electric although I do have a couple of Acoustic guitars lying around. Like to play most things, although I would say my 'niche' would have to be metal/rock/punk. Had about 6 months worth of lessons to get the basics down, and then went from there...

Onto the guitars...

Gibson SG Angus Young Signature 'Angus':-

I 'inherited' this SG from my fiancee, after her father bought it for her, even though she can't play electric. So I was more than happy to receive!

An old Squier Affinity Strat 'Excalibur': -

I can't be the only person who names their guitars, can I?!

This was my first guitar, and has served me well. It's set up beautifully, and if I'm learning a new song, this is the guitar I will practice on... Because the Gibson is a cruel beast when you get it wrong!

I've also got a Fender and Epi. acoustic, but they are currently in storage, I'll post up pics of those at a later date - if this thread gets anywhere!

Finally, my amp. Vox VT 40+. I'm looking to get a 'proper' amp in the near future, but this one fulfills my needs for now!

I'm more than expecting this thread to fall flat on it's face, and die a horrible death... But it would be nice if some of our other players would chime in every now and again!
that SG is beautiful!
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