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Originally Posted by PocoSimon View Post
This is my worst suspicion, though I can't imagine why an Apple tech would bother to harvest RAM from new machines while still having to replace it with other older RAM.

What else might have been tampered with I can't imagine but have to believe it's simply not worth the trouble and risk... yet there I am with what seems to be an obvious inside job (apple store).

The Mac is otherwise running well and i am still a devout convert. I will have to compare more of the specs with what I find in my own iMac and follow up with Apple as best I can for a more lasting level of comfort.

For the record, we have two Macs - my girlfriend got a iMac 21" and I got the 27 inch. She had the wrong OS and I had the wrong RAM. Both purchased at the same time from the same store.

To be continued...
Ok, you need to escalate this up the corp food chain, several thousands of dollars in computers, one leaves the store without the proper software, the other without the proper ram and the store staff has you people waiting, calling and coming back into the store?

Your store's manager needs retraining, after my dealings with Apple online & on the phone I doubt people higher up would find the level of service you've received to be acceptable
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