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The point of this post is that new Mac anything should leave the store in 100% working, up to date order when you purchase it.

Our new iMac 21" (Nov 2011) should have Lion installed, but did not.

The store told us we had to wait for an upgrade approval email (could take two weeks) from Apple and then do the upgrade ourselves. Being newbies and having already spent two hours watching them fix a half dozen other issues (including replacing the first iMac entirely) we accepted this seemingly ludicrous approach.

After a lot more mis-information over the phone, we wound up having to bring the iMac back to the store for the authorization of the OS upgrade which we installed ourselves later since we didn't feel like hanging around the store for another hour and a half.

Sorry i'm such a whiner newbie, but so far the quality control and support are well below my expectations. Very nice enthusiastic staff at the store, but all to willing to speculate and make things up rather than get it right.

There, I've said my piece - thanks for listening and remember to stand your ground - expect a FINISHED PRODUCT on day one.

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