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hey everyone,

I'm having a really difficult time finding glossy screen it just me or everything in Matte finish?? I've tried searching at local stores as well as online but haven't been able to find a good selection...

I'm looking to buy an 21.5inch iMac in the coming weeks and I'd like to pick up an additional screen for dual monitor set up...ideally i'd want another apple display but $1000...I can't afford I'm looking for any other external monitor..but i'd like it to be glossy as well...I don't want the imac on a glossy screen and then an external as a matte...(eye strain?)...anyways..I'm looking for another 21.5inch Glossy LED screen...does anyone know ANY place I could find them at??

Local websites....past experiences with anyone who's bought one...PLEASE provide input!

thank you very much everyone!!
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