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Hi guys ... newbie here. I will try and keep this as short as possible, but want to explain everything. I have an iMac, OSX 10.6.8, 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. I primarily use Chrome as my browser, but also have Firefox and Safari on here.

About a week ago, when I would try and go to certain websites, the page would go to a Charter Business DNS Update page. It seemed as if the Charter page was hijacking the browser. I contacted Charter and explained that I am a residential customer, and not a business customer. They said the page is legit, and after 3 people there trying to help me, they were no help.

Note that the Charter page does this with all three browsers.

I belong to a small iMac YahooGroup and started talking with them about it. One person had me install and run a DNS Changer program, in case it was a trojan horse. There was no trojan found.

He also had me install and run ClamXav, which found about 30 items, which I quarantined. The problem still persisted. So, the group feels I should do a clean install of the OS, since I have not been able to find the problem and fix it.

Before I do that,, I am wondering if I should try uninstalling all browsers and then do a clean install. Do you think that would fix it? If so, are there steps to take to uninstall all 3 browsers, and all associated files with them?

Side note: I typically will have 20-30 tabs open at a time ... working on many different projects. Due to the problems, and shutting down Chrome last night, this morning I only have 6 tabs open and have not gotten the Charter page for hours. Could having too many tabs open have anything to do with this?

I would appreciate any and all input and help, as I really wish I could solve this without having to do a clean install of the OS.

HUGz! Jules
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