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I recently purchased an HP Pavilion DV7 laptop (yes, I know, PC; but most of the software for my degree is Windows-only, so - with my limited funds - a PC was the best choice for me right now).

The issue I'm having is neither with the hardware, nor with Windows 7 itself; it's with all the (seemingly non-uninstallable) junk HP bundled-in with it that keeps making it freeze or BSoD.

I've gathered that the simplest option is just to reinstall Windows, but it seems a bit unfair for me to have to pay for another install of Windows because HP spoiled the one I already have.

Thus, my question; if I were to borrow a Windows 7 Home Premium retail install disk from a friend of mine, and then use the product activation key from the HP-specific OEM install currently on my computer to activate it, would that count as "piracy" (bearing in mind that I paid for the licence to have one install of that edition of Win7 running on this computer when I purchased it, and I would still only have one install of it afterwards), and - indeed - would it even work, or is that activation key a one time only affair that has been "used up", as it were?

Cheers for any help or advice

For my purposes as an engineering undergraduate; Windows is respectable (& generally necessary), Linux is admirable (& often useful), OS X is enjoyable (& requires no further justification, although plenty could be given)!
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