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I was having the same problem with getting a crazy intermittent distortion in the video. It was as if the sync signal decided to eat some cat nip. The signal would get very wavy and seem to 'sizzle' which makes it impossible to use the monitor. I have an HP monitor with an 11" first gen macbook air. I also tried using a viewsonic monitor and a sony tv but was getting the same problem on all three screens. I aslo have a 15" macbook pro and never had this problem on the same hp monitor. The problem is always hit or miss - some days it's almost constant some days not at all. It doesn't seem to matter if I shake the cable or pull the cord in and out. I tried switching vga cables (I use a 6') and mini-displayport adapters but always the same problem on all three monitors.

I switched the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1440x900 and the issue seems resolved. Time will tell but considering what it was doing to where it is now I'm guessing I'm good. I wonder if there is a limitation on the vga settings for using that high of an output. Perhaps the assumption is any hd signals would be coming through on a digital signal - that's my guess since it must be coming from the video card side of things. I've also ordered a dvi cable to see if that solves the issue as well.
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