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So, this seems like the type of question that gets answered with lurking and good google-fu, but I can't find an answer and it's been getting late...

The Full Story: This morning I marinated my 2008 MacBook in coffee. After a 12 hr dis- assemble dry the screen and the HDD were borked. I need a computer but I was perfectly happy with late Bush era technology and had no money so I bought a used 2008 MacBook from Microcenter.

I had regular TimeMachine backups.

I had recently upgraded to Lion, and my last dozen or so back-ups were while I was running Lion.

The Microcenter MacBook runs OSX 10.5 Leopard.

THE QUESTION: Should I reinstall snow leopard and lion first? Should I try and restore from the Time Machine first? Can I used my old Snow Leopard disc to install, or is it going to try and tell my I already used my individual liscence?
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