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You need to think about what you want to do the most of. For production, I'd really suggest getting a different machine altogether. If you can put the money together, get the MBA for shows and then see if you can get an iMac or something for production. If money isn't an issue, get a tower.

I have a MBP that I'm currently using for production, and I've used it to play live a couple of times. Had the logic board go out on it once already, but it was fixed easily.

You're going to have CPU issues when you really start to produce. Plug-ins are CPU-suckers! Now if you mainly manipulate audio/beats, then something like Maschine might work for you and it'd save you some CPU power.

It really depends on what you want to do. Just know to download demo plug-ins when you can and test how they tax your system.

Stuff I use: Ableton 8, Pro Tools 8, Reason (not really anymore), tons of plugs including most of Arturia's stuff, Waldorf Largo, Reaktor, Absynth etc.

Hope this helps!
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