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When my macbook pro battery was recalled due to swelling, I decided to try a Fastmac battery. Even though my first battery was recalled, I still received over 1100 cycles from it before it started to swell. About 17 months after receiving the Fastmac battery, it has failed completely. I received only 370 cycles and it's now swelling. I've removed it from my laptop to avoid any damage. I contacted fastmac with my dissatisfaction, but the best they could do is offer me free shipping on a new one. Had their customer service been better, I probably wouldn't be here. Why would I buy another piece of junk when the first one failed? They told me they're better now and I should basically invest another $115 to "try" it again. No thanks! Customer service sucks!
Oh, and as an added bonus the Fastmac battery caused all kinds of erratic behavior. Once I removed it from my system, it's smooth as silk.
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