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Originally Posted by JBarbier
it's a used g3 ibook 800mhz/640mb ram OS X 10.2. It seems to be doing it again... this isn't too good.
Look on Apples web site and see if your S/N falls into the logic board replacement repair extension program. You have 3 years from the date the computer was first bought. This program covers just the issue you're experiencing now. Here's the link.

If your ibook falls in the parameters of the repair program, give them a call and make sure you specify that it's exibiting failures outlined in the repair program. The Dorks tried to tell me I had to pay $50 just to talk to them. The dude was a real PITA. I hung up on him, called back and got another person, and it sailed right through like warm butter. Sometimes you just have to find the right person to talk to.

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