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Ok, so I bought a used iBook (probably my first mistake,) and it's been acting quite strangely (as if what I've encountered could be the norm!) It was smooth sailing for the first 2 days I had my computer, but it is now day three, and my iBook decided it'd be cute to play dead. I was browsing the web and listening to some songs in iTunes when all of a sudden my screen starts flickering on and off! I was really scared so I just turned off the laptop (probably my second mistake.) I really got scared when I went to turn it back on and NOTHING happened... ok, the fans and the HD came on, I got sound, and the "caps lock" button lit up... but that's all. So I turned it off, and on again... same thing. So, I did it a few more times until the start-up screen finally came on...but then froze and turned black. At this point I tried to see if it would sleep, and it didn't. In fact, when I shut the lid, the screen stayed lit and the apple logo stayed lit as well. Ok, so now I'm pretty ticked off, so I leave it alone for awhile, figuring it just over-heated, and I come back to it in about 5 minutes (ok, so I was paranoid..) Well, same thing happened... But then I tried again and everything booted up like normal... I figured I had better repair permissions, so I did that and turned it off and on again to see if it would be better. Guess what! NOTHING happened, just like before... So I'm pretty POed at this point so I slam the laptop down (mistake 3) and watched TV to cool down. Later that day I managed to get it to come on again, so when it did, I reinstalled Mac OS X completely. Wiped out everything and put a fresh install on. It seems to be okay now, but man, what the heck happened? Initially, I thought it was the logic board failing... I'm not sure what it was, but it seems to be fixed. Does anyone have ANY idea what happened? It was pretty scary!
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