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Songbird doesn't do it. I think it needs to be a dedicated folder renaming program that is aware of ID3 tags. To be honest I think I've tried all the programs out there that currently exist and none of them will truly create the folder/file structure that a user wants. Tag&Rename comes the closest but it still doesn't cut it. It's funny how developers can fail to see the forest through the trees. I mean here's a program that is designed specifically to do what I'm trying to do and yet it can't do it. There are all kinds of specific things that it can do that you know the software engineers must have really labored at, but in the end, even after multiple versions, it still can't perform the basic function that it's supposed to be able to do.

OK well apart from the renaming folders issue, is there a somewhat easy way to get rid of song duplicates in my albums? What I'm really looking for is an add-on that says "yep this is what the album 'Continuum' is supposed to look like and it doesn't have the song 'Stop This Train' five times so I'm going to remove four of them so that this album playlist looks like the normal album."
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