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Hello all. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying out about 10-15 different music organizing programs and still have not found one that will do what I need. It's hard to believe actually since there must be many people in my situation who end up settling for good enough.

So here's what I want:

I want a program that can reorganize my music collection so that all the albums for each artist are listed on the same page, rather than have them listed as subfolders. I also want them listed like this:

Artist (year)Album Name

This way I get to immediately see all the albums I have for a particular band in the order that the album was released and properly weighted by how much of that particular artist's music I actually have in my hard drive. I don't want 12 albums hidden behind "Pink Floyd" for instance - I'd rather all 12 albums were immediately visible. Having it set up like this would be the closest thing to actually looking through someone's alphabetized CD collection.

I also want the software to organize the songs inside the albums by track number and without duplicates. I find this part about iTunes exceptionally frustrating. I may have 5 different copies of a song because of various compilations I have, but that doesn't mean I want to hear "track 2" five times in a row. How could iTunes think that that's a good idea? Don't the software engineers use their own program and get frustrated by its limitations?

I have over 360 GB of music so I literally don't have the time to organize things manually.

Is there any software that will do this for me? Tag&Rename is supposed to be the cadillac of MP3 renaming software but it's not flexible enough to do the above least as far as I can tell. Yes it can rename albums in the above format but it won't automate the process and flatten out the folder structure like I described even if all my ID3 tags are correct.

I don't mind paying a lot for the software if it actually works. Time is more valuable to me than a hundred bucks. I imagine an add-on to do this for iTunes wouldn't be too difficult since iTunes does look through all your music and creates new folders for you if you have it organize your just organizes it in such a clunky way. Yes I know I can search for music in iTunes but I also want my music archived in an intelligent way on my hard drive so that I can back my collection up easily and it's all still organized even if iTunes somehow loses all my preferences etc.

Thank you!
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