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I have a first generation time capsule that also powers down. What I discovered is that it did this when a backup was commenced. I read may forums and have come to the conclusion that during backups my time capsule was over-heating.

If I leave it off for a while it will once again power up once it has had time to cool down, however, as soon as the next backup commences my time capsule flashes yellow and powers down.

I thought the power supply had burned out from over heating, however, I stopped using my time capsule for backups and instead use the time capsule strictly for wifi and I have had no problems since with the time capsule powering down. I have also placed feet on the bottom of the time capsule to allow air to circulate under the time capsule.

I plan on taking the rubber base off and replacing the hard drive with one that runs cooler. This site explains the procedure and the type of hard drive that will work: Cracking Open the Time Capsule | Applefritter

I don't know what generation time capsule you have but I hope this helps.
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