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Hey guys!!

I am new to both the Mac computers and this forum, and I just want to say that my experience with my powermac G5 over this couple of weeks has been great.

I have used PCs for years and now that I am just beggining my career of graphic designer/web designer I decided to give the Mac a shot, and sure as **** I am not disapointed.

I decided to lend my old Win box to my little bro to play games and use for school work, and now I find myself thinking about setting up an Apache server for tests and other stuff. The Mini and the IMac are my two choices especially because of the price, lol I don't think it appropiate for me to get an Xserve (wish I could afford one) just to play around with PHP and MySQL.

Anyways, what do you guys think? should I get me a Mac mini with a Gig of Ram, a cheap display and mouse/keyboard set for my new server or maybe the cheapest IMac with a Gig of RAM?

I would apreciate any comments you guys can give me.

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