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I’m experiencing the same symptom, my Classic and my Nano work perfectly but my iPad and iTouch hang on step 5 “Determining Tracks to sync” iTunes will move the playlist to the device but none of the books will download. iTunes will finish syncing but none of the books are moved to my iOS devices.

I spoke to Apple on Sunday and they suggested reinstalling iTunes, however, iTunes seems to work perfectly otherwise.

I set the device to manual sync and then dragged a playlist of books over and the books copied and then played. I have 400 books and may are made up of multiple tracks. I’d rather just check the books off to sync and iTunes do what it is designed to do.

Anyone have a suggestions?


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Hi Folks,

I'm noticing that now in itunes if I select "manually manage songs and playlists" (which I've always selected), then I"m NOT able to sync my books. Is this the case? I've always had podcasts as my only synced piece in itunes, but I"d like to add books now if possible.

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