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Having discovered music through vinyl back in the 70's, the Walkman was a massive blessing - I'd tape selected tracks off various albums and walk for miles through the local countryside without the inconvenience of album fillers ruining the day. When CDs arrived, I'd end up taping them too because of the constant skipping and juddering whenever I moved.

So, I can't wait to get an iPod (once I've saved the money for my iMac) - NO having to buy a whole album for just one or two tracks which I can't live without and NO skipping.

If some grizzled old rock star is unhappy with that then so be it.

My desert island iPod will contain around 300 tracks and save me a fortune - no need to buy 200 or so CDs at 10 a pop to have my lifetime's ultimate collection realised. Talking of which, weren't you supposed to be able to eat your dinner off a CD, chuck it in the toilet and then use it as a frisbee? Only, many of mine are scratched beyond playable or leaking some sort of weird oily substance around the outer diameters. I have vinyls that have lasted longer.

And if iTunes are somehow preventing new talent from breaking through in to the big time, then that new talent needs to either adjust or make their money in other ways. Like getting a job or something equally radical. If they are in it purely for love then what a wonderful age to be a part of - they can share their music with the world without the need for agents, managers and any other kind of 'vampire'.

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