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Originally Posted by mknightretke View Post
Unfortunately, that would have to be a setting within the app itself. Check to see if the app you're using to watch video has a sleep timer, or maybe an auto-lock setting. There is no single app you can install to put the entire iPad to sleep after, say, half an hour. Third-party iOS apps just don't have that kind of root-level access.
I'm not using an "app" to watch videos on it, I'm just using whatever the iPad came with to watch video. You can only play, pause, and fastforward or reverse and of course click "done" when you want to quit it.

This is totally unbeliveable! If Apple has it on the iPod touch it shouldn't be a problem for them to also put it on the iPad.

I'll keep watching this posting though, maybe someone will find something or Apple will eventually offer an update for the problem.

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