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Hi guys!

First time posting here in macforums but has been lurking in the site for awhile now. So i just need help with my new iMac that i bought yesterday; so before my iMac i owned a PC for about 3 years or so and had a lot of data and files there. Long story short, my PC finally ate the dust a couple of days ago but thankfully i have made a backup for it.

Now here's the problem, i left the backup inside my 1TB seagate external hard drive and whenever i use migration assistant it doesn't recognize my hard drive . I have a lot of useful programs there and I've come to the agreement that even if i do recover them i won't be able to use them because i own a mac now.

What i really need to recover though are my files such as resume, cover letter, university documents, and ESPECIALLY my iPhone's songs! i have about 6GB worth of songs i love and now idk how to recover them

Any input is welcome, thank you for your time and effort.
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