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hi all...

I am new here and really need some advice.

I have an Apple Macbook 13" which had been damaged some years ago - the underneath has some damage/dents and for the last year or so it has not been operating correctly - it does switch on, however sometimes it does not stay on for very long, especially when I am using software such as photoshop etc... it sometimes cuts off after 5 minutes, at other times it can stay on for 1 hour, but it always just cuts off on its own...sometimes it will come on again when I switch it on but other times it doesnt. When I took it to an Apple specialist, I was told that I would need a new logic board, which would cost as much to replace as a new laptop, so was advised that it may be better just to trade it in for a new laptop! I didnt want to sell the computer for spares or trade it in, as it contains all of my design software, which are not cheap to buy - i also dont have the money for new laptop, and really love my macbook (when it is working!!) Oh...also the battery has stopped charging recently, and I have to keep the charger plugged in all time for the laptop to stay on!

It had quite a big accident and case damage underneath...but just wondering if it is the logic board that is damaged or not - an apple repair specialist said so - I really havent got a clue!

What do u think guys?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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