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I've had my iMac now since September and I am loving it, but I have a couple of questions below. I did try searching, but most of the results were about Macbooks.

I use a 1TB Buffalo external USB drive for my Time Machine backup which has worked great so far. It used to live under my desk tucked away, but recently I have moved it into a ventilated under desk cupboard so I don't keep hearing it spin up and seek when it backs up. I realised this morning when I went to get something out of the cupboard that it was still running even though my iMac was in Sleep mode.

The power/seek green light was off, but the drive was spinning and was therefore slightly warm to the touch.

I can't be 100% sure, but I thought it used to shutdown fully before. Also my iMac never seems to go to sleep automatically anymore.... could the two be connected?

Is the drive going to be consuming much power and will it do any harm?

BTW I am running OSX Lion

The other question, what happens if I switch off the power at the wall when the iMac is sleeping.... does it harm anything?

Thank you.

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